1 easy trick for writing better copy

People can look, or they can read, but they can't look and read at the same time. People "look" on the web. They don't "read".


Sun Yi
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Sun Yi on Storytelling

Trust me. You’ll want to read this caption.

As a young designer, I used to design entire websites with using just dummy text and paste in the copy at the end.

As I gained more experience, I wanted my designs to be more personalized. I felt like I was designing generic templates.

I started asking my clients to provide copy before I start designing, but that never worked. They wanted to see the design first. Even when they agreed, it took forever to get the copy from them.

I just started writing the copy myself. But it was way too time consuming, so I started writing just the headlines for each section and used dummy text for the rest.

I noticed that I can tell an entire story by using just the headlines. And when I combined it with the design to enhance the story, it was like magic.

Whenever I presented a design to a client, they always reacted with “wow”.

Then something else happened…

Our clients noticed a huge increase in their metrics, especially in “time spent” and “conversion rate” which all translated to higher profits.

We also started getting flooded with compliments on how amazing our websites were, even though our design qualities were the same as before.

I’ve accidentally discovered how to make people read in a world where nobody reads.

I’ve been making websites for over 20 years and this is the ONE thing that made the biggest difference for our clients.

Just try it out for yourself.

Thank me later.

P.S. If you want to read the rest of the story from the carousel, read caption in my post “Story in Your Brand Message”

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