4 simple things you can do to simplify your message

By far the most common problems I see with most people's writing is that they write too damn much!


Sun Yi
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1. Stick to ONE lesson

I always try to jam pack multiple lessons into one post to “provide more value”.

The real reason is to show off my knowledge.

When I dropped my ego and stopped, I saw results immediately.

2. Remove unnecessary words.

I evaluate EVERY word in my post and ask myself: is this word really necessary?

If the answer is no, I remove them.

Here are some examples of unnecessary words I use:

“The reason why is because…”

“The realization I came to was…”

“In order to…”

“At the end of the day…”

3. Not utilizing images efficiently.

As a newbie designer, I used to search for the most basic images.

If it’s a book store, I use a book. If it’s a music store, I use headphones.

It was a waste of an image because it doesn’t add any value to the story.

As I got more experience, I learned to cut down entire sentences by using an image that says the same thing.

4. Using “metaphoric” images

When I find stunning images that I REALLY want to use, I force it by coming up with a “metaphor” for what it symbolizes.

People didn’t get it, and I had to explain it.

If I have to “explain” my design, it means the design didn’t work.



These rules are simple, but they’re not easy.

They takes time to implement them.

But if you follow them, I guarantee it’ll make a big difference.

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