Designers are not artists

When I first started as a designer, I thought I was an artist. I was wrong. Art is an expression of the artist. Designs has a purpose. It has to communicate a message.


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True story: guy needs to pee urgently but was confused by these “creative” toilet signs.

A man in Taiwan was confused as fuck by toilet signs with a giraffe and elephant and posted a picture of it to seek help from the internet.

This is such a typical “designer fail”.

As designers, we think our job is to make things pretty.

We forget that our designs actually serve a bigger purpose.

When I was starting out, I was told:

“Never just send designs to clients. Always present it so you can explain it.”

They said clients “just won’t get it”.

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I always found this weird.

If they don’t get it, what makes you think the audience will?

We hide behind the excuse of “people are just dumb” or “they just don’t get it” in order to protect our ego.

The truth is… if no one “got it”, they’re NOT the problem. I’M the problem.

We must drop our ego and listen to the audience.

No matter how right we think we are.

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