How to build a brand people love?

If you want raving fans, find out who hates your brand. If nobody hates your brand, nobody loves your brand.


Sun Yi
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Here’s a typical conversation with a client around brand messaging:

Me: Who’s your target audience?

Client: Female. Millennials. Income over $100k.

Client: But we also attract a lot of males. And a lot of older people love us too as well as teenagers.

Client: Oh and we don’t want to ignore people with lower income either because a lot of them like us also.

Me: 🤦

This is why questions about demographics is useless.

A 20 year old male student and 60 year old female CEO can both love the same brand.

What’s more important is the psychographics.

“What’s their struggle?”

“What’s their personality like?”

“What’s most important to them?”

I hate to say this, but we’re tribal. People with similar personalities want to rally against a common enemy.

Seth Godin said it perfectly:

“People like us, do things like this”

Do you want to build a brand that attracts raving fans?

Then don’t focus on who your target audience is.

Instead, focus on who they’re not.

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