How to get your content shared like crazy

There's a hot dog place in my neighborhood with a payphone booth inside. When you dial 0, the door opens to a speakeasy bar.


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The place is hidden away, it has no signs, and they don’t advertise at all.

And it’s packed every night!

Because people like me share it all the time, not because we’re nice.

Because we wanna show off how cool we are!

People don’t share “good” content. They share what makes them “look good”.

Did you know there’s a science behind what makes content go viral?

Professor and researcher Jonah Berger conducted many studies on this topic and even wrote a book about it.

It’s called “Contagious: Why Things Catch On.”

This book is filled with fascinating data and stories.

Here are a few that caught my attention:

1: Only 7% of sharing happens online.

People think going viral happens online, but 93% of it is because people talk about it offline.

2: Triggers make things go viral.

Geico had an ad with a camel telling a joke about “hump day” and their website traffic spiked every Wednesday. Wednesday was the trigger for the ad which also reminded people they need to buy insurance.

3: People share for selfish reasons

The original Philly cheese steak place gets very little shares on social media, but a high-end restaurant that sells $100 Philly cheese steak gets a ton of shares. People post photos of their sandwich to show off that they paid $100 for a cheese steak.

This book is a MUST-READ for anyone who wants to learn social media marketing.

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