How to thrive in business as an introvert

Introversion and extroversion actually has nothing to do with your personality being outgoing or not. It has everything to do with your sensory.


Sun Yi
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Sun Yi on AAF Podcast

Are you an introvert? Or maybe you just hate selling, small talks, or (humble) bragging?

Don’t worry I’m a “super” introvert.

I hid behind a mask my whole life.

I used to say things like “I’m not good with people” or “I’m not good in sales”

And I’m here to tell you, you CAN sell. And you CAN build communities.

You just have to do it the “introvert way”.

Extroverts thrive at networking parties and making friends fast.

But that’s our weakness. So don’t try to copy them.

Instead, we should use our strength, which is making deeper connections one-on-one.

When I’m in sales meetings, rather than making small talks, I genuinely show interest in their business. I’m truly curious about their operations and their problems.

I empathize with their pain.

It helps me build stronger connections and win business over other “extroverted” sales people all the time.

This also applies on social media.

Most of my conversations happen one-on-on through DM’s.

I listen, get present to people’s struggles, and empathize.

This helps me build a stronger relationship with my audience and make content they really need.

Don’t make “being an introvert” your weakness.

Make it your strength!

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