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I have really enjoyed being a member of Night Owl and I have gotten so much out of it and learning a whole new way of expressing myself and also the practical tools about how to kind of sell yourself. What kind of stories to tell and how to present them has been really helpful. I'm also enjoying connecting with people from all over the world. It's a fantasic organization and I'm proud to be a part of it.

Mitzi C.

Educator, Executive Producer & Host


This has been, life CHANGING for me, better storyteller, support of this community is amazing!

Rosalinda M.

Advertising Consultant


It helps you see yourself better and get better at your storytelling

Bianca A.

Accent Coach


It's been amazing and this should be a $5000 program.

Christina B.

Entrepreneur, Digitar Creator


Simple, effective, and better at storytelling. So much value into my personal and business life.

Cristina L.

Entrepreneur, Personal Branding Strategist


I REALLY enjoyed my experience. My message is a lot more solid. My storytelling is a lot better and i have just loved the community. Everybody just is so sweet and supportive of each others.

Jenni R.

Business Coach


I can definitely say hands down, it was one of the best decisions that I ever made to join. pure intention of practicing storytelling and learning a new skill, but I've definitely gained way more than that. From just being part of the community, my small group, being in a safe and supportive space to share my stories. work on my assignments and also provide feedback. Just be on this process and journey of getting better at storytelling. It's a transformative process and I've loved every minute of it.

Linda T.

Architecture and Environmental Design

United Kingdom

I have no idea. And then it really pushed me. I started doing it and like, I'm not kidding you, like my, I've gained clients, like I'm on social more like opportunities are coming just like I'm on social more like. Doing it and I'm like putting myself out there. it's amazing. opportunities are coming.

Sasha H.


North Carolina

I think I can write stories and I've actually enjoyed writing sort of more. Learn and how I can use that again for my business.

Christine B.

English Conversation Coach


Sharpen and improve my communication skills, storytelling skills and turn into impactful stories and connect to business.

Mandeep K.

Entrepreneur - Clothing & Lifestyle


My experience it's been fantastic. Connection and the support from this community.

Colette B.

Athlete Business Coach


I had no idea it was gonna be this like extensive in depth which was awesome to see and find out.

Michael G.

Photographer, Designer


Keeps it apart from other courses. This community is very different and i'm learning and implementing. The structures, the how to tell stories and everything.

Sunita B.

Content Writer, SEO Writer, Copywriter


Certain like energy Authenticity and honesty and just a good vibe place. where people are just helping each other. Sun's refreshing take on everything and building a personal brand.

Kathy S.K.

Entrepreneur + Designer


I felt a tremendous benefit being at this community. Truly a wonderful experience.

Jonathan S.

Life Coach


It's very inspiring the way he coach us, his teaching every week and every day from his IG stories, the consistency to be better storyteller.

Leah C.

Family Wellbeing Advocate, Personality Coach


His approaches to storytelling. I like the kind of no b*******t. It been really great. The peer to peers community. The big takeaways are I really like the five second moment framework.

Victoria M.

COO, Chicago Content Creator


The whole group experience was just so, so much fun and so helpful. I learned so much about myself, using those five second moments. I'm really looking forward to it. Thank you guys!

Stephan K.



The concept of vulnerability and authenticity. Learned from this community, structure a stories and use to help my business and add value to my projects.


Entrepreneur and Business Coach


I'm learning everything. they're hidden gems workshops and service, binge watching them, useful for me. Help me taking actions and having people to take active with you too.

Sabreen E.

Poet, Screenwriter


Going into this course, I really enjoyed like the very personal elements. So this course has really helped me really orient in my writing and being good with all these styles.

Ariana C.

Nonprofit Copywriter and Grant Writer

Los Angeles

It's been great to be able to practice storytelling, get feedback, this community is so supported and is interactive with us. That's super cool. I haven't been a part of a community in that way before.

Sheena H.

Award-winning Writer, Filmmaker, Creative Entrepreneur, Professor


Getting so much value. Make you think I never thought of it that way. Has been amazing. Just the community holds you more accountable give and getting feedback that's how you learn so much more.

Edwin C.

Creative Video Creator


It was awesome! I was just blown away about the value of what i was getting everything, welcoming of community feels like a family every week. I'm just so excited to be part of Night Owl Nation.

Charlee A.

Organizer + Decluttering Coach


You won't regret it. Being at home at, at a chosen home with a chosen entrepreneurial family. motivated to go further, to be disciplined, to be consistent, to be created and put yourself out there.

Candia R.

Founder, Sensualist, Scientist, Artist


I just feel like it's like a superpower. I feel like it's kryptonite. So I am, is this critical thinking that Sun inspires us to do about how we don't just come forward with what we think and what we think our wisdom is,

Sasha R.

Astrological Guide, Writer, Founder of Venus Wisdom


Find i have a lot of stories, learning to tell better to make a point and not just tell a sequence of events. Which helps my business communicate it to the world. Thank you Sun!

Michael L.

Founder, Persistent Growth Coach


Finding more clarity. Starting to connect the dots and how the things that I have lived, have shaped my life. Has been really a very good experience for me.

Cynthia R.

Engineer, Pdcaster, Voice Coach, Talent Show - Author


I really benefited from this buzz of doer energy. I had been wanting to do for a really long time and i don't think I would have started it if it wasn't for this environment of people doing the same thing.

Rée H.

Visual Storyteller, Producer, Filmmaker, Photographer, Educator

South Korea

Love Sun Yi content. Joining small group it's really like little hidden secret collective think tank that's really the power house. I can't describe you have to experience it. This group of mental equals that sit there and look at my story, content, gently redirect and guide me. I love it and i'm addicted to it.

Marion F.

Travel Advisor


I truly value and appreciate the fact that we have our small group. Excited to jump in on and learn something new every time. A lot like support and understanding storytelling a little bit more, being able to ask a question and listen. The biggest support I ever seen like in a small group. I'd love to continue.

Gau K.

Digital Marketer, Metaverse Enthusiast

New Zealand

You just like be yourself, the support of the community and I feel like more connected with my clients from what i learn being part of NON.

Anastasia D.

Direct Response Copywriter, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners


I really liked his approach to content and the authenticity. It's a no brainer. Given me opportunity on a weekly basis to practice my storytelling skills and to think differently about the content that I'm putting out. I really loved my small group. it's been better than therapy. allowed us to open up and to be vulnerable and think be better content creator. As a result, I've gotten more work and clients because of it.

Kirsten J

Small business Social Media Coach


You have not only a space to practice, but to give and received feedback. You learn so much about yourself and about how you can apply this to business and to reconnect with people and ideal clients. It's been so helpful to me, is even better than our course.

Nicolly A.B.

Content Strategist


I have found community in small groups and my writings, space to challenge myself and to grow professionally and personally. I've gotten so much more than what i've paid for. It's been a fantastic experience.

La-Gaye T S.

Aspiring Wordsmith


Part of a really amazing small group. The assignments always questions me and push me in a direction, which is so valuable. It's a very incredible group of people who share values and connect across the world. Connect on a human level. It's a real honor to be a part of it.

Amal L.

Musician, Doctor, Podcast Host

United Kingdom

Becoming self-aware, self-love journey, self discovery journey. I found my own stories. I found me. You're really authentically understanding how to tell a story. you're finding yourself in the stories that you're becoming vulnerable enough to share. Thank you NON for just being there for me and helping me become the man i'm becoming and the man I have become in just six months. Crazy. So look forward to meeting you all, and I'll see you at the top. Salute.

A.B. W.

Independent Filmmaker, Media Producer


My experience has been excellent. I gotten to meet some people and gain kinda more self aware now keep work in progress. Learning from different perspective.

David F.

Product & Interaction Designer


The experience was really great because it felt a very family and it felt like a very safe space. Sharing ideas, it really opened up my mind to things that i didn't realized myself and others. I really hope to keep going with it and get better and better. It's been really exciting.

Mariam El D.

Brand Identity Designer


The whole community and like how much resource he's like is putting and giving every week. Definitely help my confidence and also like how much I am able to be more authentic to show up in my business and helped my own healing.

Sze Man C.

Holistic Art Psychotherapist


Really exceeded my expectation in terms of the friendships able to build in this community and how safe it's been and how valuable the feedback has been like coaching session, part of more technical in terms of how we can tell the story better. So it's been really good so far and I am very excited working on it and keep getting better at it.f

Joyce L.

Women’s Trauma & Empowerment Coach


Experience itself overboard. I have lot of examples and a lot inspiration to create this kinds content or like marketing process and ideas. The support group is like so nice, space to share ideas and not feeling judged, but getting very constructive feedback. The experience outrow expectations so much and just feel like very grateful. I'm happy i joined.

Monika O.

Yoga Teacher, Chinese Tea Art Specialist


your part is very critical because in initial weeks you pushed me. It can help me in the sales pitching on all those meetings. it was really great learning experience.

Adeel M.



There's biggest is "The COMMUNITY" I've found my community and learn so much about my story.


9-5 Office Employee in the Manufacturing Industry / Online Writer

Winnipeg, Canada

The "BEST" thing i did for myself. NIGHT OWL NATION IS LIFE CHANGING!!!

Katerina M.



The COOLEST AND BEST COMMUNITY YOU EVER FOUND! I'm SUPER THANKFUL to Sun Yi and for this platform for this community.

Britt J.

Vegan Transition Coach & Animal Caregiver

Torrington, CT

I love the manifesto, community guidelines and rules. I have not experienced anything like this before. The small groups! I love it! it's a community sense to really get, so that really helped my discover that actually, i am able to storytelling.

Ana S.

Artist, Coach, Podcaster


I hear great things. It helped me alot description of my posts more, in depth and meaningful. I learned it was to be here, to share, make an effort, to comment, and to get feedback here. That was my thing that i wanted to do for myself.

Jonathan C.

Artist, Movement Coach


I hear from my friend. How to be strategic is what i didn't have. It got us to think really deep, and how to connect the dots between. It was really neat. I'm EXCITED and looking forward to next quarter.

Zoila Q.


northeast of the United States

Having the space made me be able to be more CREATIVE and EXPAND MORE because it was a very like safe space, really grow my BRAND MESSAGE, through just conversation and having the support, the safe space to explore!

Sadhna S.

Meditated Mama, Yogi, Chef

Los Angeles

I like Sun's Style. I think the community makes it better when you're in a small group that you vibe with, connect with, it makes committing to the storytelling process easier. Connect with people who will allow you to tell the stories better.

Hoang T.

Hand Therapist


I was able to trust my small group members and they trusted me. We gave each other lots of recommendations and lots of moral support, feedback/questions. All of that helped me to get out of my head and start creating in the real world. I REALLY appreciated my community and my small group.

Ree H.

Creative Director

South Korea

What is best in this group is that we trust each other so much because we've been together for so long that we are able to share whatever we are thinking and doing. Everybody's going to contribute and not compete or trying to steal ideas from one another. It's a REALLY SAFE space to share whatever's on our mind and try to make our content better and TELL BETTER STORIES.

Ana Paula Z.


São Paulo, Brasil

Our small community, you guys without you and not realizing it, but you guys like giving me a support to questioning :)

Anastasia D.


Jakarta, Indonesia

That's the reason I'm here forcing myself, pushing me out of the comfort zone.

Alba F.

Real Estate Agent / Investor

Austin, TX

Learned it's okay to start messy/not perfect. It feels really nice to be part of community. I learned to be more open, trying to develop the confidence to share with different types of people from different part of the world.

Mary Angelie C.

Visual Identity Designer


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