Sun Yi - AAF Podcast
Episode 36

Right Way To Make Money AND Do What You Love

Mar 3, 2023

About The Episode

In this episode, we go in depth with examples on why trying to make money doing what you love will make you miserable in the long run and how to do it the right way.

0:00 – Intro.

0:33 – Lucie’s Introduction.

05:01 – Lucie’s passion in teaching young people

10:58 – Struggling between helping people and creating income.

13:14 – The best way to help people.

16:31 – What happens when you combine money & passion

21:54 – How to start your business without money

26:38 – Taking a look at Lucie’s situation

34:42 – We need certain amount of money to not worry

45:51 – How to separate making money and helping people

53:07 – Working ON vs IN your business

58:05 – Why people are unhappy with their career

01:01:10 – Balance being yourself and marketing

01:10:40 – Outro

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