Episode 1

Behind The Scenes Of Building A Personal Brand

Aug 17, 2020

About The Episode

Sun and Elizabeth discusses their mistakes in building a personal brand, authenticity and confidence, taking risk and embracing change, and more.

On the 1st episode of Authentic As F*ck Podcast, Sun and Elizabeth discusses how they started working together on Elizabeth’s husband Michael Brody-Waite’s personal brand.

They discuss mistakes they’ve made in building a personal brand, importance of authenticity and confidence, taking risk and embracing change, and much more.


About the podcast. [0:20]

How Sun and Elizabeth met [1:05]

Caring about everything being perfect [5:13]

Back to how Sun and Elizabeth met [10:55]

Not wanting the spotlight of a personal brand [12:40]

Launching a business vs personal brand [17:16]

How COVID affected our businesses [20:16]

What nobody talks about in building a personal brand [25:40]

If you’re trying to be authentic, you’re not authentic [32:35]

Lack of confidence and authenticity [37:25]

Your message can change and that’s okay [47:02]

Biggest mistakes made in starting a personal brand [50:35]

You grow by embracing change [1:07:40]

We become used to living with pain [1:11:40]

Elizabeth is obsessed with David Goggins [1:18:21]


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