Episode 10

Dot Lung: How Not Overthinking Can Lead You To Big Opportunities In Life

Nov 9, 2020

About The Episode

Not overthinking and taking actions led Dot to a series of unexpected events and eventually where she is today.

Dot has worked on Instagram launches and strategies for clients like Facebook, Wix, Motionographer, Digital Design Days, FITC, OFFF, Ladies Wine and Design Barcelona, Sonar+D, OCB and Nipple Magazine.

She’s spoken about social media marketing at various universities and events like OFFF Festival, Digital Design Days, Teach What You Know Summit.

She also has a course on Domestika called Instagram Strategy for Business Growth with almost 45,000 students.

In this episode Dot tells us how not overthinking and just taking actions led her to a series of unexpected events and eventually where she is today. She talks about authenticity (of course), confidence, and why social media is for the audience, but also for yourself.

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