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Episode 100

Laura Belgray On Being Unapologetically Lazy Person

May 30, 2024

About The Episode

Authentic As F*ck is a podcast all about storytelling. I have conversations with entrepreneurs, and creators, hear their stories, and how these stories shaped the person.

So excited to share in Episode 100 of the AAF podcast: Laura Belgray On Being Unapologetically Lazy Person. Don’t miss this inspiring conversation about entrepreneurship and storytelling.

Laura is an award-winning copywriter, founder of Talking Shrimp, and author of Tough Titties: On Living Your Best Life When You’re the F’ing Worst. (Hachette)

She’s written TV spots for clients like NBC, Fandango and Bravo; and she helps entrepreneurs find words that make buyers go bananas. Her course with Marie Forleo,

The Copy Cure, helps you find your voice and sell your anything.


00:00:00 – Welcome to the Authentic As F*ck Podcast

00:02:38 – Growing Up on the Upper West Side

00:05:37 – The Impact of Bullying in School

00:08:28 – Reverse Engineering the Story

00:11:23 – The Importance of Making Meaning of Stories

00:14:02 – Writing Workshops and Discovery

00:16:44 – The Studio: A Writing Program

00:19:29 – Finding Genius in Writing

00:22:07 – Channeling Creativity

00:24:42 – Losing Interest in Things You Used to Say

00:27:17 – The Lesson of Being Unapologetic

00:30:15 – The Power of Personal Branding

00:33:00 – Embracing Authenticity and Fulfillment

00:35:38 – Embracing Your True Self

00:38:34 – The Burden of Being Fake

00:41:02 – Finding the transformation story

00:43:43 – The Gradual Nature of Change

00:46:34 – Transformation from Dick to Present Self

00:49:11 – Giving Permission to Be Lazy

00:52:09 – Embracing Laziness

00:54:58 – Quiet Rebellion against Authority

00:57:43 – Authenticity and Vulnerability

01:00:26 – The Ups and Downs of Running a Business

01:03:06 – Feeding the Beast and the Myth of Pleasing Everyone

01:05:47 – Being Yourself and Embracing Your Audience

01:08:28 – The Dilemma of Feedback and Trusting Yourself in Creative Work

01:11:10 – Freebies and Resources at

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