Sun Yi - AAF Podcast
Episode 11

Licia Morelli: Behind The Scenes Of Writing Copy For Personal Brands

Nov 17, 2020

About The Episode

Licia shares why customer experience is crucial to building a personal brand.

Licia Morelli is a copywriter, best-selling author, and online marketing consultant who writes copy that makes you cash. She’s a go-to copywriter for some of the industry’s best-known product and service “personality brands.”

Through her 15+ years’ experience in relationship selling and online marketing (as well as having been Kate Northrup’s company President for 3 years), Licia writes what sells because she knows what sells and has a track record of blowing by sales goals to prove it.

Licia mixes an uncanny ability to predict the future with hard data to help her clients succeed in the marketplace.

In this episode, Licia explains what it’s really like to write copy for personal brands, why secret to success is actually doing the boring stuff, and why customer experience is key to building a successful personal brand.

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