Sun Yi - AAF Podcast
Episode 12

Koe Yeet: How To Define Your "Niche" If You're A Personal Brand

Nov 24, 2020

About The Episode

Try everything you want to do in life, but don't stop half way. See it through to the end.

Koe Yeet is a film and television actress, barrister-at-law, and a TEDx speaker. She works with various brands in Asia to promote their products on her social media. I wanted to have a chat with her to get her insights on personal branding as someone who lives a life in the public’s eye.

Koe Yeet tells us how becoming an actress and a lawyer was an accident, how we can be authentic without airing our dirty laundry, and why we shouldn’t let just one thing define us as a personal brand, but try many things that interest us.

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