Sun Yi - AAF Podcast
Episode 23

How Technology Affects Our Relationship With People

Jul 30, 2022

About The Episode

This week, we talk about how technology affects how we build relationships and how that affects the younger generation.

0:00 – Healthcare is f’d up

9:03 – What projects Sun enjoys working on

12:25 – Dealing with people who’s not at your level

18:50 – Young people don’t know what they don’t know

26:50 – Why remote work won’t work

31:53 – Benefits of a team working in person

37:00 – Why it’s harder to build relationships now

42:45 – Why do we build fake relationships?

45:00 – Nature vs nurture

47:40 – Letterman and authenticity


Sun’s Instagram: @sun.yi

Elizabeth’s Instagram: @elizabethbrodywaite

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