Sun Yi - AAF Podcast
Episode 29

Find Clarity In Your Story, Your Calling, And Your Passion

Jan 6, 2023

About The Episode

This was an amazing episode! We dive deep into the thing EVERYONE struggles with: finding clarity, calling, and passion. Everyone says “clarity” but here you’ll see a real life example of what clarity really looks like!

0:00 – Intro

0:29 – Karen’s explains what she does

3:28 – How to connect what you do to a story

7:13 – What a common struggle of your customers?

10:18 – Telling a specific story while being anonymous

12:43 – We discover a common “myth” in Karen’s industry

15:59 – How to connect that myth to a personal story.

22:09 – Recap of how to structure this story

27:16 – 2 Things Karen should include in her story and why

28:20 – Next steps for writing this story

29:17 – Samuel explains what he does

35:33 – How do you find your “calling”

38:12 – We discover Samuel’s true calling

46:29 – Shifting our thinking about “passion”

53:00 – How to make ANYTHING fun

57:15 – Best way to attract the right audience

1:00:33 – Few more final tips

1:03:46 – Outro

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