Sun Yi - AAF Podcast
Episode 4

In-depth Conversation Around Learning & Teaching

Sep 7, 2020

About The Episode

Sun and Elizabeth discusses all about the difference between learning something and really understanding it

Elizabeth’s husband and founder of the Mask-Free Program, Michael Brody-Waite joins Sun for a in-depth conversation around authenticity.

They discuss what are the different stages of authenticity, what causes us to be inauthentic and practical ways to overcome it.

Michael’s TED Talk:

Michael’s Website:

Create Your Action Card:


Controversies about authenticity from Episode 3 [0:30]

How Elizabeth and Michael met [7:50]

Why authenticity doesn’t work in dating [12:55]

Sun has a tendency to give up on things easily [21:25]

You can’t be taught, you have to “buy” the lesson [29:12]

You don’t fully know something unless you can teach it [34:25]

Learning the nuances of a subject [41:32]

The difference between a veteran and a newbie [54:30]

Biggest mistake most teachers make [100:25]

How to get your message heard in marketing [104:03]

Knowing something vs really understanding it [106:52]

Why you can’t learn from fake gurus [113:58]


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