Sun Yi - AAF Podcast
Episode 50

The Right Way To Start An Online Course Business

Jun 16, 2023

About The Episode

If you’re thinking about creating an online course or start a membership community from scratch, this episode is for you. Mitzi is a former literature professor who is trying to build her own online course. I coached her on what would be the best way to get started.

0:00 – Intro.

00:39 – Mitzi’s introduction.

02:08 – Mitzi’s podcast.

03:06 – How covid affected Mitzi.

04:30 – Why did Mitzi stop teaching?

05:07 – The problem of Self – censorship.

07:09 – The reason why Mitzi don’t wanna teach literature.

08:39 – How people have reacted to Mitzi’s podcast?

09:30 – How do people find Mitzi’s podcast.

10:59 – Why Mitzi are not charging for her services?

14:40 – Don’t feel guilty charging what you’re worth.

17:30 – How much should you charge for your services?

20:38 – Online courses: useful or useless?

26:16 – What is Mitzi’s course about?

29:43 – Sun’s advice to Mitzi about her course.

37:54 – What is the responsibility of learner and teacher?

42:26 – The power of intrinsic motivation.

45:16 – Mitzi’s thought about Night Owls Nation.

47:13 – Final tips conversation.

01:33:21 – Outro.

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Today’s Guests: Mitzi Campbell



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