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Designers are not artists

When I first started as a designer, I thought I was an artist. I was wrong. Art is an expression of the artist. Designs has a purpose. It has to communicate a message.

Stop looking for your why!

Here’s the answer: your why is to serve others with your strengths. There. You can stop searching now.

How to get your content shared like crazy

There’s a hot dog place in my neighborhood with a payphone booth inside. When you dial 0, the door opens to a speakeasy bar.

Sun Yi

How to thrive in business as an introvert

Introversion and extroversion actually has nothing to do with your personality being outgoing or not. It has everything to do with your sensory.

Sun Yi Instagram

How to get more followers on Instagram

Do you want more followers? If your answer is yes, you won’t get any. To get followers, you have to start giving without expectations, like you would to your family.

Sun Yi

Branding is not what you think

A woman ordered a pair of boots on Zappos as a surprise gift for her husband. Unfortunately her husband was killed in a car accident shortly after.

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