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The Most Valuable F*cking Emails

Sun Yi

9 Things To Include In Your Sales Page Copy

Here are 9 things you should have on your sales copy to increase conversion: Emotional pain, Common myth, Vulnerable story, A-ha moment, Problem, Solution, Why me?, Call to courage, Call to action

The Practical Guide To Selling Using Your Story

Marketing is manipulation. The stuff I’m gonna share over the next 2 weeks is powerful stuff. But with great power comes great responsibility. Please be a responsible marketer and don’t manipulate people into buying shitty products.

What Makes A Content Good Vs Great?

Good content gives people the answers. Great content gets them ask questions. It makes them say “I never thought of it that way”

To make great content, do NOT give advice in your content. Instead, DEBUNK the advice. Here’s how.

Guide To Planning Your Website For Conversions

A website should be user friendly, right? Wrong! When people find EVERYTHING they want easily, they get what they want… then leave. You have to GUIDE them. I’ll show you how to make your website user + sales friendly.

How To Grow Instagram By Reposting Old Content

In the past year, I made no new content and still got over 75k followers on IG & TikTok… JUST by re-posting OLD content. ONE SINGLE post actually got me over 10k followers. I’ll explain the detail on how I did it.

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